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Blanket Poncho "Wearable Snuggie" - Back Embroidery

Blanket Poncho "Wearable Snuggie" - Back Embroidery

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This is the "Embroidered Name-on-the-Back" option of our Blanket Poncho "Wearable Snuggie"

You can have the name embroidered on a blank front Snuggie or with the front embroidered options. 

To order add to cart once you've chosen the color and design of your Blanket Poncho "Wearable Snuggie" from the "Wearable Snuggie" product page. (This means you will have two products in the cart but this is the embroidery product.)

The cost for the back embroidery is $25 added to the price of the option of Snuggie you have chosen. 

We will contact your for your name request! 

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