About Us

Hi! I am Carey Lynn Zarate. Many know me as "that photo lady" or "the one with the purple hair" but its all still me.  I started my photo business almost 20 years ago in my spare room at my house.  It was meant to be part time and then grow into something I could retire in to.  Well life happens and i was let go from my full time job just before the pandemic.  We were ready and launched the full time photography... then the pandemic.  Well we worked with that moving sessions to our outdoor portrait park and we started doing a LOT more creative products.

As we continued to add products into our stable, we continued with the photography till health issues took first me down then my husband then me again.  When I was finally fixed I realized that photography would only be part of my work and my love for creation was where we were meant to be. In October of 2022 we started building out Artistic Endeavors.

Since we started, we have been working tirelessly to expand the offerings and create something new and unique for schools, leagues, dancers, artists, local businesses, realtors, and all of our wonderful clients throughout Texas and the United States. 

We officially opened our storefront in Fairview, TX in May of 2023 to welcome all in the area to stop by, see what we have, have in-person help in your design process, and allow for small groups of adults and children create amazing designs of their very own. These designs can be put on stickers, shirts, yard signs, hats, golf equipment, sports equipment, logos, wood boards, towels, pins, earrings and other jewelry, and so many other things!

We love working with teams, clubs, schools, small businesses and especially individuals to create the coolest and most unique gifts and swag out there.

Our store is located at

336 Town Place
Fairview, TX 75069
(backside of JC Penneys)