Featured Artists - Lauren Betancur

Lauren Betancur


I began watercolor painting while studying at Texas Tech University where I earned my BA in Architecture. One of my first classes during my freshman year was a watercolor class for the use of architectural renderings. I quickly took to the medium and it became my favorite class. I have always been as technical as I have been artistic, which translates in much of my work.

I began taking watercolor commissions shortly after graduating college in 2008 and kept painting as a side job until 2014 when my husband and I had our first son and I desired to stay at home with him. It was then we decided to launch my "official" career as an artist and began selling my work and taking on new projects and commissions. It has been a dream come true to do what I love and still be able to stay home with our two boys.

Over the past eight years, my art has found homes all over the country, I have met wonderful people through art shows all over Texas, my prints and cards have been made available in several retail stores in major Texas cities, and I have found a love of teaching others how to navigate the medium as well. 

Visit Lauren's Website: laurenbetancur.com