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Let's Create! - Croc Charms and Water Bottle Stickers

Let's Create! - Croc Charms and Water Bottle Stickers

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Join us every other week as we highlight different products where your child, or you, get to be the artist! 

Turn your art into Croc charms and a set of water bottle stickers. They get to show off their artistic skills to keep or share with family and friends! 

Price includes the Project package and add-ons are available when you turn in your art. This way we can help guide you with the best options for your art.  Don't want Croc charms?  don't worry, we can do substitutions if needed. (see the acrylic Magnet)

Some ideas include artwork they made at school or home containing colorful art. They can also come to the store at the time of their session and we will help them design something super special!

Once the payment is made and the form is complete you will receive an email with design times to signup for. Bring your design ideas and or notes and be ready to have fun.


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