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Acrylic - Earrings, Keychains & More

Acrylic - Earrings, Keychains & More

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These are perfect birthday and holiday gifts!

With our creativity and tools, we can create almost any type of Acrylic Earrings, Keychains, Necklaces, Pendants, and MORE with UV printed color on top and contour cut to show off the design. All of our jewelry is designed and fully created in-house and I LOVE designing new pieces to meet our client's wishes.

 Each design is perfect for showing your support for your favorite team!  Allen and Lovejoy or ANY School designs are available.  Anything from your players' numbers to the school mascot, we can make it happen.  

 How about a design for your organization, company, business, etc? Give these to clients or customers as thank-you gifts or add-ons for your services. 

 How about something special for yourself or a loved one that you helped design?  Mix and Match to create the perfect combination!

 To order different designs in one order:

  • Select your first design like earrings and follow the order steps then add to the cart.
  • THEN select the next design like keychains and follow the steps and add to the cart.
  • Keep doing this until you've selected all the items and quantities you want to select.
  • The cart will hold all your selections and then you can checkout one time.

 Want to order a larger batch, contact me direct for special pricing!  


NOTE:  We can pretty much create any school/organization/favorite thing so please don't hesitate to ask! You can contact me at my email or phone number in the footer below.

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