Let's Create!

What is a "Let's Create" Session?

For children and adults... this set of 4 summertime creative sessions allows your artistic side to shine! Each week we present a different set of products for children and adults to design however they want. Artwork can be done in-store or something created at home or school. You can choose to attend one or more sessions and you set the time on our online calendar!

To learn more about these fun sessions visit our Let's Create page which gives all the details and an FAQ section. 

We can't wait to see what you and/or your child create!!!

How does it work?

1. Purchase your Project (see below) 

  • There is a new project every 2 weeks, so be sure to select the right one.
  • You can also purchase all 4 in advance for a special *GIFT* with purchase.
  • Click into the product to see upcoming projects and timings

2. Complete the design form

  • Use this link  to submit your details and schedule your session time
  • We have 1 hour sessions available on most days. And don't worry if you need less or more time, these are just guidelines.

3. Come in and create

4. Pick up your products the following week

*** All Projects have add ons and upgrades available!


Project 1:

  • Adults: Set of 4 Wine Charms
  • Kids: Water bottle stickers and 2 Croc charms









Project 2:

  • Adults: Cooling Towel with 2 matching Eye Glass Cloths
  • Kids: Beach / Bath Towels









        Project 3:

        • Adults: 20oz Water Bottle or Tumbler engraved or printed with a design
        • Kids: Key Chain and Matching Bag Tag









                Project 4:

                • Adults: Small Desk board engraved with your design
                • Kids: Pencil Bag with 4 engraved pencils (they write their name)




                Frequently Asked Questions:

                         Q: Can I pre-purchase the creates before I make a reservation?

                Yes!  We encourage this as we are then able to ensure enough stock.  Also, we only do sign ups for the upcoming month as our schedules may shift based on sign ups.

                         Q: Can I do all the projects in the first week? 

                In order to give you the best pricing, we are using the quantity principle so that we can group together lots of projects for one production cycle. This allows us to keep the costs a bit lower.

                         Q: What if I want to do the project, but can't come in that week?

                don't worry, talk to us and we will make arrangements with you.

                         Q: Is there a discount for purchasing all 4 sessions?

                Not a discount BUT you will get an extra goody EACH visit if you pre-purchase them all!